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Edgar Family DNA Project
The extended Edgar family found a way to confirm or discover ancestral links by participating in a DNA Profile analysis. In this project lasting ten years, we tested over 170 male Edgars from all over the world, discovering numerous links—some previously known or suspected, and others a complete surprise! The DNA project continues, and if any Edgar male who is not already participating wishes to obtain more information, contact me James Edgar, at this email address james@jamesedgar.ca
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Edgar Events Newsletters

In mid-2006, Steve Edgar of Weston, Crewe, England, and James Edgar of Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada, started a newsletter to distribute to Edgars around the world — "Edgar Events" (sometimes called EdgarNews). The idea was to keep everybody informed about our DNA Project and to spread some of our individual stories around as well. All the issues are available here as PDF files. The newsletters ended in mid-2016 with issue #116, though Special Editions have been issued since then.

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My nephew, Nick Edgar, created wordclouds for each issue of the newsletter, so you can search them by subject matter.
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Surviving stories from our Edgar and Somerville history in Canada involve some immensely interesting history.
Wooden Ships tells of how my Edgar ancestors came to Canada the first time.
Alex Edgar served in the NorthWest Mounted Police - read his obituary.
James Edgar, deaf as a post, was run over by a train - another obit.
A.W. "Bill" Edgar, at age 23, piloted bomber missions over Germany, and was shot down in flames.
Caribou Cameron was a colourful adventurer in the early days of British Columbia. When his wife died, he shipped her home to Cornwall in a whiskey-filled coffin! His second wife, Christianne Wood, is my 2nd cousin, three times removed.
Lucknow was originally named West Wawawnosh; it received its present name from James Somerville, my great-granduncle. He and my gr-grandfather, Thomas Bennett Somerville, helped establish the community.
John Bethune Ritchie, helped settle the Greenock Township of Bruce County, Ontario, after arriving in Canada in 1848.
Walter Swanston, my gr-gr-grandfather was one of the pioneer settlers of the Guelph, Ontario district. Also read the obit of Elizabeth Fielding, his wife of 65 years.
Andrew Swanston, my gr-grandfather the Nightwatchman of Walkerton, Ontario for twenty years (long before they forgot how to purify water). Two obits.
Norma Giffen (nee Swanston) Somerville, my grandmother.
Genealogy article from OGS Families, The Edgars in Glengarry County and Abroad.
Article submitted to the North of Ireland Family History Society contest, My Eight Great Grandparents.
Excerpts from the book Drumlanrig Castle and the Douglases - 1876.
James Edgar's Ledger, my great-grandfather's ledger from the middle 1800s.
431 Squadron, Bill Edgar's fatal flight over Hanover, Germany.

Wooden Ships Farquhar Alexander Edgar James Edgar
A.W. "Bill" Edgar Caribou Cameron Lucknow History
John Bethune Ritchie Walter Swanston Andrew Swanston
Norma Somerville OGS article 8 Gr-Grandparents
Drumlanrig James Edgar's Ledger - 1848 431 Squadron

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Some pictures to match the stories (and then some).
Edgars first




Then Ritchies, Swanstons, and Somervilles

These pictures may or may not be Adam and Catherine Ritchie. Their authenticity has yet to be definitely proven. I welcome information and photos from descendants of Adam and Catherine Beaton Ritchie and/or John Bethune and Martha Giffen Ritchie.

My grandfather's school near Lucknow, Ontario.

Apparently some kid thought Norma and HP would look better with blue hair!         

Norma and HP in the centre, with their offspring surrounding them.

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